Monday, 6 February 2012

Winter weddings

In a couple of weeks time I have my second wedding of the year and with snow on the ground and a chill in the air I'm getting a bit worried about what to wear. Summer weddings can be tricky enough to pull off - demure enough for day and church, but party enough for evening; not the same shade as the bridesmaids; not something that everyone else will be wearing; comfortable .... Gah!

But winter has a whole new set of problems.
1) Will I be warm enough/ too warm?
2) It's really all about the coat for the day part
3) What do you wear on your feet if it's snowing?
4) Colour - the shops are full of black, grey and sludgy non-wedding colours

The last wedding, straight after New Year, was all inside so I wore a cobalt shift and fake fur chubby with thick, black tights and sandals. Dear shops, please hurry and get your spring/ summer act together.

In my head I'm thinking ice cream shades like Louis Vuitton.
This has good layering possibilities and you could swap the jacket for a sweet broderie top for the evening.
Or Roksanda brights - a great shaped dress in an amazing zinging bright, with matching beanie (and hair if you're Charlotte Free!)

Yes please.

And this Jil Sander beanie with veil is possibly the best winter wedding accessory ever.
What would you wear for a winter wedding?

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