Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Monday, 11 July 2011

A fashion fairytale

There's something about finding a hidden treasure, tucked away in the most unlikely place, just waiting to be discovered that gets me every time.

A couple of weeks ago I was sale shopping and popped into one of my favourite second-hand shops. It's in a really wealthy area (always worth a look) but it can be pretty hit and miss.

Not this time. When I walked through the door, my eye was drawn straightaway to a wisp of yellow floral print peeking out from a rail of dull colours near the back of the shop.

PRADA!!!!! I screamed silently (Thank God) in my head. I calmly walked over and grabbed it before any of the other shoppers spotted it. I could barely breath I was so excited.

From one of my favourite Prada shows, A/W 2000, it has a real forties, Land Girl feel to it. It was my size and a sixth of it's original price. I hugged it to me. It fit as though it had been made specially for me (smug).

And care of Mrs Prada, at Miu Miu this time, the forties are back in vogue again for next season with midi lengths and bold prints high on the agenda.

Prada A/W 2000
I love that a dress well over a decade old is still totally bang on trend. And I love that a dress I never thought I could afford is now sitting in my wardrobe.

I'm wearing it with a pair of vintage tan and gold Miu Miu shoes that I picked up in LA for about £50 but for winter I love the idea of throwing a bit of faux fur around my neck and adding some thick tights.

Image from style.com