Saturday, 30 April 2011

Everyone loves a (royal) wedding

Congratulations to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Having got completely wrapped up in the whole build up yesterday it was with a great sense of excitement and some relief that the dress was so stunning. Well done Kate, sorry Catherine, and of course Sarah Burton who used the Alexander McQueen house signatures - corset, nipped in waist and volume over the hips - yet still allowed the personality of the bride to shine through. Catherine wore the dress, not the other way round. She looked comfortable, elegant and chic.

Not everyone can get their hands on a 1930's Cartier diamond tiara and the chief designer of one of the world's most renowned labels but I hope that the style of the dress influences future gowns. I loved the lace and the long sleeves, so much more flattering than a strapless dress which in headshots make it look like the bride is naked.

There were the obvious comparisons with Grace Kelly, another 'commoner' [albeit a movie star] who married a Prince.
She also had the lace overlay, although with a much higher collar, a nipped in waist and a very jazzily dressed groom as accessory.
Even their bouquets were similar. To be fair, if you're going to take wedding style inspiration from anyone you could do a lot worse than look to Grace Kelly. It's not like she copied Katie Price after all.

Yesterday's nuptials were a very classy affair. How relieved must Pippa have been to be spared the usual peach blancmange dress? Her McQueen gown with it's simple shape, capped sleeves and the button detailing down the spine was as flattering as the bridal gown. No wonder Princes Harry and Phillip were flirting so madly with her. I think half the country would have given the chance. Now a Harry and Pippa wedding would be a LOT of fun ...

To the happy couple!

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