Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fashion fail

Yesterday I had a complete clothing crisis. In my head I was working a Jil Sander look (albeit on a budget): white t-shirt and bright colour pop skirt. In reality, which I realised when I caught sight of myself in the mirror at work, I was wearing a 'worn one too many times' white t-shirt and a skirt I hadn't worn for years because it's a bit shiny and a bit just wrong. It was fine at the time I bought it. But that time was two years ago.

I spent the rest of the day hating my clothes. I even briefly considered going home and changing into what I realised I should have worn - my new navy Zara trousers (cropped and neat - in my head Celine), a favourite, soft grey cashmere jumper and my failsafe red Marc Jacobs shoes. Instead I avoided mirrors for the rest of the day and am wearing the outfit I should have worn yesterday, today. Oh, and I threw the t-shirt in the bin.

Jil Sander S/S '11 (

I still love the Jil Sander catwalk look but I realised that it depends on a boxfresh white t-shirt (preferably luxe) and a more flowing kind of skirt (preferably maxi) in a bright, non-shiny material.

Lesson learned.

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