Friday, 13 August 2010

It's all in the details

Now, you may not put much store into how a woman carries her handbag. But I am paid to consider such things as "to clutch or not to clutch" (I know, lucky me) and as such have noticed a quiet revolution in the air.

For a long time the "Wag Crook" has ruled in the handbag carrying stakes. This has meant large, cumbersome totes (sometimes several sizes larger than the carrier themselves) hooked into the crook of the arm, in the manner originally of The Queen and latterly of Victoria Beckham. And it’s all become a little contrived.

So, in the way that everything that becomes popular must be changed (copyright: the fashion industry), designers have put a stop to it.

Just look at the catwalks (Exhibit A if you will).
Never mind the style of the bag, from tote to satchel, shopper to clutch, it was carried any way but in the crook (either by the handle against the side of the body, across the body, on the shoulder or tucked snugly under the arm, like a newspaper).

Whether this was part of the ladylike trend (Prada and Louis Vuitton) or the slouchy, grown-up grunge look (Dries Van Noten and Sonia Rykiel), it doesn’t matter. The devil is in the details.

And style insiders have been quick to catch on (Exhibit B).
Of course, the resurgence of the bag with a strap (surely “a strag”) as seen at Celine and Mulberry hasn’t harmed this mini revolution.

It looks so much sweeter and more practical – one’s hands are free and uncluttered. Carrying a bag in the crook now looks as dated as having a bag covered in padlocks, whistles and chains.

Of course, there is an anomaly to every trend. And in the case of one so stylish and pretty, you could of course, follow Giovanna’s lead and just do what you like. 
Catwalk images from [Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten x2, Prada x2, Sonia Rykiel]; street style photos [Jak&Jil].

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