Thursday, 22 July 2010


As part of my ‘getting in the mood for Paris’ theme this week I went to the cinema to see the new Vanessa Paradis film, Heartbreaker [L’Arnacoeur]. The high points are handsome actor Romain Duris, a stunning Vanessa Paradis and her truly gorgeous wardrobe …

I fell instantly in l’amour with her embroidered silk kimono; it could seriously have a film of it’s own. The colour, shape and delicate intricacy of it make it look like a really expensive one-off, which is probably exactly what it is.
The Hermes bag (in a very this season orange), which clashes perfectly with the papal purple and cardigan, and those nude Louboutins ...
There's also a very pretty pale cream camisole to distract yourself with during the Dirty Dancing sequence ...

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Press day

Yesterday was the Relative MO resort press day held at Morton's in London. It was a chance to look at the new collections from Erdem, Giles, Emma Cook, and Markus Lupfer, amongst others. New Australian label Dion Lee, whose architectural dresses and razor sharp pleats, were a hit with everyone and cemented the brand as one to watch.

The Erdem rail had a noticeable buzz around it. Up close the intricacy of the designs and the work (and love) that goes into them is really apparent ...
The colours and the prints look amazing and utterly modern.

Emma Cook's trompe l'oeil t-shirts and digital prints are elegant and feminine ...
The whole room was crammed with clothes that you could totally fall in love with.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Paris Daydreams

In preparation for my trip to Paris I have mostly been looking at the HipParis blog and listening to Phoenix. Here are some images that make me so excited I could scream ...
That's all x

Friday, 9 July 2010

Sneak look at the new season

John Lewis held their Christmas press day this week at One Marylebone, an old church in London, complete with fake snow and Christmas trees. As expected from JL there were a million and one fabulous gift ideas but the fashion was the real gem in the crown.

This was the first JL press day with a catwalk (great styling from Charlie Anderson Sumner), which, mixed with the fantastic set design, really showed the clothes off to their best.

With designer collaborations (Alex Monroe, Philip Treacy, Terry de Havilland and Celia Birtwell amongst others) to coincide with a shop refit for the Oxford Street store in September there's plenty to be excited about.
The Celia Birtwell prints come from illustrations that she designed in the 60s and fit the whimsical, floral mood for autumn that came from the catwalks. All the PRs wore her prints and looked fabulous.

My favourite other pieces were a black leather biker jacket by Diesal ....
.... an Oasis sheepskin jacket ...
... and the great collection from Belstaff ...
Autumn's not looking so bad.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Things I love right now

Totally getting me in the mood for Paris (more of which later) ... the cast of Gossip Girl are currently frolicking around the City of Lights in all manner of delightful clobber that has me ripping up my packing plans and wishing I didn't have to spend money on boring things like rent and food. Even better than the fact that Chuck Bass has made a full recovery (save for a very Bass-like walking cane) is that his majesty Karl Lagerfeld is to make a stylish cameo. Cannot wait.
Love Serena's two-tone shoes, wide-leg pink trousers and chunky jade necklace.
Oh, and girl crush du jour, Clemence Poesy is trotting out with Chuck Bass. If only I could look that perfectly dishevelled in a trench.

In other Chanel news, how great was the set design for the Couture show? All that's missing is Monsieur Lagerfeld sitting astride the lion in some sort of cowboy outfit ...
Much better than the slowly-melting iceberg from A/W 10. The gold lion was a favourite of Mme Chanel who was (like me) a Leo and collected lion trinkets (unlike me). Note the giant pearl that the Chanel lion is pawing.

And finally, some pictures that make me feel carefree and full to the brim with excitement about the summer ahead ...
(Images from Grazia Daily, A Cup of Jo and Mociun).