Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Summer dreaming

Tim Walker's photographs sum up the season perfectly. Dreamy and whimsical they conjure up lazy afternoons spent lolling half in the shade, half in the sun, sipping gin and tonic, nibbling charred food piping hot and fresh from the barbeque.

They might evoke summer's that you've never experienced but feel deep in your conscious like half-remembered dreams or a book read long ago.

Fashion is intertwined in all these memories. From my old school summer dress (blue and white check – very Christopher Kane) to bikinis, jelly shoes and favourite vintage dresses.

Summer to me means lager shandies, daisy chains, picnic rugs, standing at the top of Primrose Hill and seeing a heat haze over the city, that delicious feeling of warmth as the sun heats up your skin, the smell of suncream, cricket, Wimbledon, cream teas and ice lollies, cool, crisp early morning air, and stifling evening heat that clings to buildings and the ground, lavender, peonies (see earlier blog), the summer solstice, fields full of baled hay and soft golden stubble, horses lazily swatting flies away with their tails, my dog laid out on the warm flagstones white belly raised to the sun, fighting over whose turn it is to refresh the drinks ...

We might no longer get the school holiday sense of excitement, waking early, sun already streaming through flimsy curtains, the stillness of the house before anyone else is awake, looking out of a bedroom window at a mist-filled valley, or being called in for bed as the light dims in the evening, swallows swooping over the valley, catching insects like tiny arrows across the blurry shadows beyond.
(All images Tim Walker)

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