Thursday, 10 June 2010

Animal Magic

My love of animal pendants shows no signs of abating. My quest to create a personal (jewellery) zoo is becoming obsessive.

At present swinging around my neck, in no particular order, are an owl, an elephant and a unicorn. I’d like a lion and a giraffe (maybe even the safari Big Five).

As something of an animal lover (I have a basset hound and elderly horse living with their grandparents in the country) there’s something about my golden menagerie that’s comforting and talismanic.

And there's definitely something about the rise of personalised, charm necklaces. They’re easy and pretty plus they’re cheap to make – you just need a longish chain (mine’s from Banana Republic) and then you can hunt out little personal charms in vintage fairs and thrift shops (even the high street – I pulled the elephant charm off a too-short necklace from Accessorise) for a totally unique piece.

My elephant charm is pretty timely. London is awash with decorated baby elephants (statues not real ones) for the Elephant Parade ( in aid of endangered Asian elephants. Artists and designers like Lulu Guinness and John Rocha have decorated Nellies in aid of the charity. My favourite is the gold one in Golden Square (see what they’ve done there) but this tusky little chap is sweet too.

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