Monday, 17 May 2010

Weekend delights

There's nothing like beautiful blossom to make a girl feel like Spring's in the air - even it was pretty cold over the weekend. Who wants to still be in their winter coats at this time of year? Not me. Bring on bare legs and sunshine, lager shandies in the pub after work and picnics ....

I managed an ice cream - a 99 - at the weekend visiting my parents. I say managed - I mean wolfed it down. But the best treats to be found in their neck of the Yorkshire woods are at Bettys tea rooms ( As you can see from their displays, there are all kinds of heavenly desserts. They've even started doing macaroons (bringing a bit of Paris to the Dales).
By far their finest creation is the Fat Rascal. It's a scone/ rock cake hybrid with a smiley face best served warm with butter (what's not to like?). I bulk buy them when I go North and freeze them. Yum.

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