Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The countdown begins ...

I'm going to a screening of the new Sex and the City film tomorrow night. Despite not loving the first film, I continue to hope that some of the spark from the original series will rub off on the big screen. Also, working in fashion, I kind of feel I have to see it, if for no other reason than to have an opinion on it.

So far, I've remained pretty 'meh' about the costumes I've seen on the trailer. I like the Halston Heritage dresses and the Louboutin heels but the maxi dresses and over-styling of the scenes in Abu Dhabi leave me cold.

The outfits I loved in the TV series were the ones that were vintage or made up of part designer, part vintage. It was the mix - a street market necklace here, a thrift store coat there - that made the fashion enviable. Head to toe designer is never going to do it.

Anyway I'm trying to keep an open mind - despite having written a piece for the Daily Telegraph already (

Patricia Field, the legendary New York stylist behind the fashion in both the TV show and the films told The Cut blog earlier today, 'The clothes of Sex and the City establish and strengthen the relationship that the audience has with these four girls.

'I’m presenting thought-out and intelligent visuals. There's a logic to it: it’s not just haphazard; it's not just trendy — it's part of the storytelling.' With one outfit costing a reported $50,000 we'll have to take her word on it.

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