Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The countdown begins ...

I'm going to a screening of the new Sex and the City film tomorrow night. Despite not loving the first film, I continue to hope that some of the spark from the original series will rub off on the big screen. Also, working in fashion, I kind of feel I have to see it, if for no other reason than to have an opinion on it.

So far, I've remained pretty 'meh' about the costumes I've seen on the trailer. I like the Halston Heritage dresses and the Louboutin heels but the maxi dresses and over-styling of the scenes in Abu Dhabi leave me cold.

The outfits I loved in the TV series were the ones that were vintage or made up of part designer, part vintage. It was the mix - a street market necklace here, a thrift store coat there - that made the fashion enviable. Head to toe designer is never going to do it.

Anyway I'm trying to keep an open mind - despite having written a piece for the Daily Telegraph already (

Patricia Field, the legendary New York stylist behind the fashion in both the TV show and the films told The Cut blog earlier today, 'The clothes of Sex and the City establish and strengthen the relationship that the audience has with these four girls.

'I’m presenting thought-out and intelligent visuals. There's a logic to it: it’s not just haphazard; it's not just trendy — it's part of the storytelling.' With one outfit costing a reported $50,000 we'll have to take her word on it.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Fête accompli

When I think of summer my mind conjures up village fêtes, bunting, cream teas, sitting in the sun, watching cricket, pint in hand, and swallows swooping in the dusk. Yes, I am secretly 60 years old.

This weekend I went to a genuine, English fête. While lacking in the homemade jam stalls, there was every other kind of food available (including homemade lemonade and ice cream), vintage clothes, jewellery and fairground rides for the children. There was even music. Everyone seemed to be having a very jolly time in the sun, without getting all cross and shouty, which is always nice in London. Look at how much fun these guys below are having ....

My favourite part (aside from the lemonade, ice cream and dog watching) was sitting in the park with friends and one of their sons, 18-month-old Albert. The joy he took from the paper plates we were served food on was similar to my joy at a Chanel sample sale. He kept trying to swap them for scooters and footballs with the other children tottering around.

I rounded off a very English weekend by planting my window boxes full to bursting with geraniums, which make me smile every time I throw open my windows.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Summer's arrived

Finally it feels like summer's here. The tights have been banished, along with the boots (time for a pedicure) and the Wayfarer's are firmly on the nose. My summer style icon so far is actress Melanie Laurent. She was in Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds and Le Concert and has that French, mussed up hair, sexy smoky eye thing down pat.

Another little thing I've noticed this week, having scoured the pictures filtering through from Cannes, is that the days of the hand on hip pose is O.V.E.R. It's all about a lightly, swinging arm held slightly away from the body (to escape the dreaded sausage arm) on the red carpet these days. Even better if you have slouchy pockets that you can wedge your hands in.

Picture from

The beer garden is calling ... Have wonderful weekends xx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Channelling Chanel

I'm trying to evoke the spirit of Coco today by wearing a striped tee (Cos), MiH skinny blue Paris jeans (cut right on the ankle bone), two tone ballet flats (thank you Russell & Bromley) and a sort of salt and pepper, frayed edge jacket (Zara). I even managed to paint my nails red last night while watching Glee and flicking through the mountain of magazines piled up on my sofa.

Ever since the Chanel Cruise collection shown in St Tropez, I've been whiling away my free time looking at villas in the south of France. Having visited the area every year as a child I have such fond memories (maybe not of being stuck in the back of the car for three days arguing with my brother while we slowly melted as we neared the coast) and really, really want to find a way back there this year.

Dreaming of long, lazy lunches on a shaded terrace, lying in the sun and swimming in the sea ...

Monday, 17 May 2010

Weekend delights

There's nothing like beautiful blossom to make a girl feel like Spring's in the air - even it was pretty cold over the weekend. Who wants to still be in their winter coats at this time of year? Not me. Bring on bare legs and sunshine, lager shandies in the pub after work and picnics ....

I managed an ice cream - a 99 - at the weekend visiting my parents. I say managed - I mean wolfed it down. But the best treats to be found in their neck of the Yorkshire woods are at Bettys tea rooms ( As you can see from their displays, there are all kinds of heavenly desserts. They've even started doing macaroons (bringing a bit of Paris to the Dales).
By far their finest creation is the Fat Rascal. It's a scone/ rock cake hybrid with a smiley face best served warm with butter (what's not to like?). I bulk buy them when I go North and freeze them. Yum.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

See by Chloe

Don't these muted pastels look like the houses I posted the other day - nude, stone, eau de nil, lavender ... ah!
There were so many wonderful things at the See by Chloe press day yesterday ...

I love their capes - a mix of Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes.
Stars, hippoes, keys and butterflies - best keyrings ever.
My new favourite bag ...

This is the Emma bag by Chloe (mainline). I like to think she is named after me. Either way I can just picture myself skipping down the Rue St Honore with her swinging from my arm. A girl can dream ...

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Back to blogging

I've been absent from the blogosphere for a few (ahem) months getting into the swing of a new job and new flat. From here on in there will (hopefully) be some more frequent posts on fashion, style and inspiration. Having returned back from the dusty heat of the Californian desert to a very cold but very green and spring-like London it would have been easy to feel blue ... but then I saw these beautiful pastel shades, like a paint colour chart (and perfect catwalk inspiration) and it cheered my soul.

Coachella calling

Palm Springs on a stunningly hot, sunny day ... wish we were there still.
This was the view from the window of our SUV as we drove to Coachella festival in the Californian desert. Beautiful. The traffic jam was not.