Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Single Man

Tom Ford's new film A Single Man isn't out until next February but at last night's sneak preview I discovered a new fashion inspiration: Julianne Moore as the gin-soaked divorcee Charley, an ageing beauty in love with her gay best friend.

Sitting in front of her vanity mirror in the middle of the afternoon laboriously painting on her make up while swigging from a crystal tumbler she prepares for her evening date with George (played by Colin Firth). With her auburn curls messily piled up on top of her head, a long monochrome gown and heavy eye make up, she looks every inch the sixties star crumbling under the strain of boredom and misplaced love. But she does it so stylishly, care of costume designer Arianne Phillips.

Moore isn't the only one whose clothes make an impression. The film is as beautiful as you would imagine from a perfectionist like Ford - from the pink and white gingham dress on the girl next door (very Christopher Kane SS10) to George's perfectly starched white shirts and dark frame glasses, every single shot is laced with evocative imagery.

Ford, who wrote, produced and directed the film, said: "I first read the book A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood in the early 1980s and was moved by the honesty and simplicity of the story. At that time I was in my early twenties.

"Three years ago, after searching for the right project to develop as my first film it occurred to me that I often thought of this novel and its protagonist George. I picked it up and read it again.

"Now in my late forties, the book resonated with me in an entirely different way. It is a deeply spiritual story, of one day in the life of a man who cannot see his future. It is a universal tale of coming to terms with the isolation that we all feel and of the importance of living in the present and understanding that the small things in life are really the big things in life."

Amen to that.